• 113 East Scranton Avenue
  • Lake Bluff, IL 6004
  • United States

The Village of Elmhurst plays host to the 3rd Fyxation Open series race and is stop 9 of the 2017 Intelligentsia Cup. Located north of Chicago, Lake Bluff's quaint town center is transformed once a year when criterium racing comes to town.  Riders will navigate two long straight sections with four short quick turns. Residents celebrate the day of racing with one of the most lively block parties of the series!

Race 3 of the Fyxation Open , during the Lake Bluff Criterium, will be a feature event of the the Intelligentsia Cup race series. Both men's and women's Fyxation Open points series races will be included in the day's events. Prizes, primes and cash will be awarded with points going toward the grand prize for the series winner presented at the Chicago Criterium on July 27th.

The Intelligentsia cup spans 10 days as amateur and Professional bicycle racers compete throughout Illinois in criterium, road and circuit races. Both local and international racers compete in heated competition with the series culminating the exciting Chicago Criterium. 

The Lake Bluff Criterium and Block Party will feature and entire day of criterium racing with the fixed gear criterium race prior the Men's and Women's pro final. Come early to enjoy the racing action, block parties and barbecue, restaurants and coffee houses that line the course.

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