As the Fyxation Open Omnium enters it's 4th year as an event, word of our fixed gear criterium continues to spread.  Every year we're setting records for numbers of riders and crowds continue to grow as the series expands. In addition to the great support we've received from riders and fans, the number of sponsors supporting our series continues to grow as well.

This year we're honored to announce that Kodiak Cakes has signed on as a podium level sponsor for the Chicago portion of the Fyxation Open Omnium. Kodiak Cakes is a Utah based company that makes some amazing protein packed/whole grain products and we're beyond stoked to have them on board. They're best known for their flapjack and waffle mixes, but they also make a great line of muffins, granola, oatmeal, dessert mixes and even gourmet syrup.

Now it may seem odd to some that a pancake company would get behind the Fyxation Open fixed gear race, but we feel their support is the perfect fit for our event. As a company, Kodiak Cakes, which is based in cycling mecca Park City, UT, supports an active lifestyle and makes products packed full of good stuff for your body for both before and after a ride. Many of the companies that support cycling make products that are full of sugar/artificial ingredients and are quick to give you a high, but when the sugar wears off, watch out for the low. Kodiak Cakes products are packed with good stuff that keeps you full and feeling alert well after your meal. Diets that are high in protein, whole grains and filled with natural ingredients are a must for any serious athlete, and their show of support for our race and cycling in general is a sign to us that their priorities are in the right place.

In addition to sponsoring the podium cash awards and primes at the Chicago series, Kodiak Cakes generously donated over 300 single serving samples of their yummy protein packed pancakes that are sitting in our warehouse ready to roll down to Chicago. We'll be giving these samples out at both the Lake Bluff and Chicago races so make sure to swing by the Fyxation tent to scoop up some great stuff from our new friends at Kodiak Cakes.

For more information, head on over to and be sure to check out Kodiak Cakes at one of their many nationwide stocking retailers.