Riders reach dizzying speeds and adrenaline spikes in both racers and spectators as brake-less bicycles tear up the city streets of the Midwest's largest cities. With wheels inches apart bike messengers and amateur racers face off with pro riders in a true open format cycling event. The Fyxation Open brings the excitement of track racing to the streets and riders are required to compete on the same bicycles usually reserved for the velodrome. This means drop bars and no brakes. 

The Fyxation Open is moving into it's fifth year and has expanded from a single event at the Chicago Criterium to a multi-state Midwest four race  series. The Open features both men's and women's events. Growing fields and thousands in cash and prizes for the winning riders has fueled a competitive field and fast paced racing. 

Over $5000 in cash, merchandise and primes were awarded over the series in 2018 with equal purses for men and women at each race. 2018 sponsorship is underway and prize lists will be coming soon!

Points will be awarded to the top 10 riders going towards crowning the Fyxation Open champion.

1st - 20
2nd - 17
3rd - 15
4th - 13
5th - 11
6th - 9
7th - 7
8th - 5
9th - 3
10th - 1

Cat 2 and above riders will be given preferential start positions in the race.
Riders out of contention may be pulled from the race. 
All riders must have equipment inspected prior to racing. 
Inspection is mandatory and will be held in the Expo area starting 2 hours prior to first heat. Riders not in compliance cannot participate. Riders will receive a wristband after passing inspection. Please enter the inspection area with sufficient time to complete inspection.
75 Rider limit
Racers are required to comply with all race rules
Open class, 18 and over, USAC license required, waiver signature required

No tt wheels (Spinergy, tri-spoke, disc, aero spoke, etc.)
Traditional spoked wheels no deeper than 90mm
Tubular glue in good condition
No gluing on race day
Tires in good condition

Cleats or toe clips
Pedals in good condition

Track specific
No brakes

No lights or reflectors
Good condition

Drop bar only
Plugged ends
No brake levers

Handlebar tape
Good condition 

Proper chain / chainring match
Chain in good condition
No excessively large gear ratios

Rear axle entirely within the dropout
48/15 gear ratio suggested
Bolt on wheels

Proper cycling helmet
No helmet cam (on bike ok)

Good condition